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Your Website Could Make OR Break A Deal

by | Web Design

Here’s the good news and the bad news: your business’s website has the potential to make or break a deal.

When was the last time you evaluated your website?

Is it actually accomplishing what you need it to? Is it growing your email list, reaching new potential customers, and converting website visitors into paying customers/clients?

If not, then your website is holding your business back.

How can a website close a deal?

According to The Digital Consumer Study, business websites are more influential when it comes to consumer buying habits than even Facebook. FACEBOOK. As in Mark Zuckerberg you guys

“Business websites are the second most widely used consumer resource in the path to purchase despite the growth of social networks.”

Websites are second only to search engines, which people use to FIND business websites.

When consumers are researching a business, they go to their website and form a first impression. Websites have an average of three seconds to captivate interest.

Websites that are built with strategy are designed and organized in a way that guides consumers through your brand, gives them the information they need, and encourages them to make a purchase or submit an inquiry.

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How your site could be holding you back

Your site has the potential to captivate visitors and convert them into customers.
It *also* has the potential to alienate potential customers with a site that is poorly designed and organized.
Consumers place their money where their confidence is.
Your website should build trust and demonstrate your experience.
If your site isn’t doing this, then it’s working against you.

The Bottom Line

Take some time this week and re-evaluate your website. Is it up to current web standards? Is the design on-brand and eyecatching? Is your site delivering the results you need?

If not, then it’s time for a website re-design. Book a free call below to see how we can get your website to start generating leads and making sales asap.


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