Why You Should Celebrate The Small Wins In Business

Do you not talk about your wins because you’re worried it will make others feel bad?

You’re allowed to let others see the good in you.

Or maybe it’s because you’re already onto the next thing, the next goal?

You’re allowed to celebrate the good in your life.

If you don’t celebrate the wins, it’s teaching your brain that achieving things is not exciting or pleasurable. 

Celebrating wins in business – big AND small – helps build your confidence, encourages you, motivates you, and helps you to feel good! Which are all things that help you cultivate a life and business you actually enjoy.

What can you celebrate today? Share in the comments below so we can celebrate with you and spread those good vibes!

Not sure where to start or now to celebrate? Here are some ideas:

How To Celebrate

  • Loud Music: Take a 3 minute break to put on a song, play it REALLY LOUD, and dance it out. Dance badly, dance with no rhythm, or dance like you’re a TikTok influencer. Body movement helps release endorphins and teaches your body that when you hit those small wins it feels GOOD.
  • Nature: Go for a walk and get some sunshine on your face. Open your arms up, look at the sky, and spin around. Do this until you no longer feel silly, but free : )
  • Mirror Work: Find a mirror and go hype yourself up! Say things like “Look atchu you badass business owner! You did it!” *self high-five* “I’m proud of you. ” “This is more evidence that I am on the right path. I have what it takes.”


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