Why I Develop with the Divi Framework

After I found my passion of working with people pursuing their dreams and operating their own small businesses, I knew I wanted to serve them in a way that would be the MOST beneficial to their bottom line, their marketing needs, and overall business goals. I knew the best way to do that would be to develop with the Divi Framework. Here’s why…

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It’s Easy for my Clients to Update and Maintain

At the heart of it, the reason I develop with the Divi framework is because I want to build websites for my clients that are easy to update and manage on their own. Divi is one of the most user-friendly client-facing interfaces I’ve ever seen. Its intuitive design makes it easy for clients to make small adjustments here and there without needing to know how to navigate extensive code.

I never wanted one of my clients to walk away feeling like they had to keep me on retainer to make *one small* update to their website. I don’t own the website, they do! 

Frequent Updates + Great Support

Divi consistently stays ahead of the curve and tests every update or new feature extensively before pushing it live. Their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable and solves problems quickly. 

Wondering what a custom web design entails?

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