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What To Put In Your Website Footer

by | Web Design, Website Strategy

The website footer is an often overlooked piece of prime real estate. It’s the last thing your website visitors will see when they get to the bottom of a page and it shows up on every single page on your website! When was the last time you evaluated your website footer? Let’s take a look at the top 6 things to have in your website footer.

Submark Logo

A submark logo can also be known as your secondary logo or your icon mark. Ideally, your primary logo is displayed at the top of your website, usually in the navigation bar or overlaying the hero image. The website footer is a great place to show off your secondary logo because it’s likely the icon you use for your social media profiles and making that connection helps solidify your brand recognition across channels.

Helpful Links

Put your top links here in the footer. Link to pages that people visit the most or are most popular on your website. Making it easy to navigate your website creates a great user experience for your website visitors!

Social Media Icons

Linking your social media profiles in the website footer has become common practice and therefore expected. Plus it’s a great chance to encourage your website visitors to also follow you on other platforms!

Website Policies & Terms

Every website needs policies. If your website has a contact form, you need website policies. Linking your policies in the footer ensures a link to those policies shows up on every page (since the footer shows up on every page) which is good practice.

Search Bar

If you don’t have a search bar anywhere else then it’s super important to include one in the website footer. That’s one of my personal pet peeves – when there is no way to search a website’s content. I’ll usually end up just clicking away and trying to find another site with the content I need because they make it easier to find that content.

Contact Info

Making it easy to contact you increases your chances of potential clients reaching out. And depending on your business (like if you’re a brick and mortar company) it’s become expected to have contact info readily accessible.


  • Your website’s footer is prime real estate! It shows up on every single page, so make sure you’re maximizing its potential.
  • Set aside 15 minutes this week to refresh your website’s footer so that it serves your visitors better.

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