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What Kind Of Branding Photos Do I Need For My Website?

by | Web Design

When you’ve decided to invest in redesigning your website, a big part of beautifying your website is fresh photography. When a professionally designed website has old, outdated, or low-quality photos, it won’t match the design well and create visual dissonance for your visitors.

However, if you’ve never had a brand photoshoot done, you may be wondering what photos you’ll need. In this post, I’ll detail the three types of photos you need for your website as an entrepreneur so that you’re able to communicate what you need with your photographer and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to creating imagery for your website that can also be used in marketing materials.

Let’s dive in!

Lifestyle and Work Environment Photos

It’s important to have photos of you working in your element, in your zone of genius. This helps to paint the picture of your professionalism and what it might look like for potential clients to work with you. But don’t take this too seriously! We all want to work with people we like, so make sure to shake off the jitters and let your personality shine through.

Examples of lifestyle images to be used for website design

Detail Shots

Detail shots are another must-need for website design. Detail shots are up-close details of your workspace and of you working (not headshots or portraits).  It’s important to have photos of things other than your face because we can use them in other areas of design – like as background images to sections. Even better if they have that dreamy bokeh background so the text doesn’t get lost in a busy background.

Detail branded shots for website design

Horizontal AND Vertical Photos

For website purposes, make sure your photographer takes a large variety of landscape photos. Vertical portraits are definitely useful and necessary, but when it comes to your website design, having a wide variety of horizontal photos with extra space will allow for text overlays and other design necessities.

Different types of branding photos you need for your website design

Final Thoughts

If you’ve decided to invest in re-designing your website, don’t shortchange yourself by using outdated, low-quality photos! When it comes to branding your business and marketing it online, photography is an important investment. It can make a great first impression and can give potential customers an instant feel for you and your business.

Sourcing Photos for Website Design

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