What Kind Of Branding Photos Do I Need For My Website?

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When you’re investing in redesigning your website, you’ll need new photos to go along with your updated design.

However, a lot of entrepreneurs have never had a brand photoshoot done so today I’m going over the type of branding photos you’ll need for your website. And an added bonus? You can use these photos for your marketing materials and social media posts too!

So without further adieu, here are the three main types of photos you’ll need (with examples) for your website re-design.

Lifestyle Shots

Get photos of you in action, doing what you do. Whether that’s working on a computer, with people, with your

Detail Shots

Detail shots are actually a very important style of photograph you’ll need for your website design! It’s important to have photos of things other than your face because we can use them in other areas of design – like as background images to sections. Detail shots are up-close details of your workspace and of you working (not headshots or portraits). Detail shots that have that dreamy blurry bokeh background are super helpful in web design because when a photo like that is used as a background then the text stands out better and won’t get lost in a busy backgroudn.

Detail photos are great to use as backgrounds for sections. Even better if they have that dreamy bokeh background so the text doesn’t get lost in a busy background.

Horizontal and Vertical Photos

Also known as landscape and portrait orientations. For website purposes, make sure your photographer takes a large variety of landscape photos. Vertical portraits are definitely useful and necessary, but when designing a website you’ll use more landscape photos.

Final Thoughts

Photography is an important investment when it comes to branding your business and marketing your business online. It has the power to make a great first impression and can give potential customers an immediate feel for you and your company. I highly recommend looking into doing a custom photoshoot for your business!


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