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The 10 Essentials of Sales Pages That Convert Like Crazy

by | Web Design, Website Copywriting, Website Strategy

The sales page on your website is the best opportunity to connect with potential clients and convert them into paying clients.

Maybe your website is getting a lot of traffic but it’s not translating into sales. That can be frustrating!

When your sales page isn’t compelling visitors to take action, then it doesn’t matter how pretty the design is, at the end of the day, that sales page is ultimately costing your business as potential clients leave your site and go to a competitor’s.

The good thing is, you can easily turn around your sales page into a conversion machine. In this post, I’ll show you how to do it. But first…

Why do I need a sales page?

Your sales page is the bread and butter of your website. It’s essentially having a conversation with someone who is already searching for the services you offer. Talk about an ideal audience, right?

When your sales page consistently converts website visitors into paying clients, then it’s ultimately growing your income. Sign me up!

Now, let’s dive into the 10 essentials of sales pages that consistently convert website visitors into clients. Save this post and use these tips to transform your own sales page into a high-converting machine.

Be Clear & Concise

People put their money where their confidence is. If they are confused about the value you offer they aren’t going to stick around and try to figure it out. Instead of overcomplicating the copy on your website, write like you speak. People buy from other people, not someone who is stuffed with business jargon. Want to read more on this? Then check out How to write website copy that converts and Website Copywriting 101.

Express Empathy

Show your website visitors that you understand their struggles. After all, you’re here to solve them! Expressing empathy helps demonstrate that you know what they’re struggling with and the issues they’re facing in their business. Learn more about this in this blog post: How to write emotionally compelling copy.

Talk About The Transformation

On your sales page, share about how your client’s life and business are going to be different/better/easier/more profitable/more streamlined after hiring you. Instead of overly focusing on the bells and whistles of your offer, talk about the transformation your clients experience from working with you.

Address Common Objections

Answering common questions shows potential clients that you understand where they’re at, what their hesitations might be, and that you are happy to with them about any questions they may have. One way to go about this is to create a frequently asked questions section where you can get to the heart of their objections and offer a different way of looking at things.

Ask Questions

What happens when you ask questions in your website copy? It creates engagement. When a question is posed, people naturally answer it in their heads. When your website copy is engaging it increases the chances that your reader will keep scrolling and keep reading which increases your chances of converting them into a paying client.

Create Connection

People don’t buy from companies – they buy from other PEOPLE. If you’re asking potential clients to put their faith in you and follow that up with their hard-earned money, then you have to show them the face behind your brand. Introduce yourself. Talk about who you are and what you’re passionate about. Create a connection by showing up first.

Share Testimonials

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. People are more likely to work with you if they’ve seen others do it before and be happy with their results.

Ask For The Sale

Here is where you ask for your website visitors to take action. Summarize how you can help them, how their lives will change by working with you, and how to move forward in working with you. You’re never going to get the results you want from your website without a direct ask. People have to be compelled into action, give them a reason to act!

Call to Actions

Your sales page has one purpose – to get people to reach out about your service.  In order to determine what your call to action should be, first identify the result you want from this page (ex: enroll in your online course, submit an inquiry, book a call). Once you’ve identified the desired action, use a prompt to encourage that action throughout the page.

CTA Tips:

  • Keep your CTA button consistent throughout your sales page. Consistency in design and text helps make it more recognizable and stand out.
  • Use direct language in your CTAs. Don’t use passive language like Learn More. Instead, use direct language like Enroll Now, Get Started, Book Your Free Call.

Keep it Simple

Even long-form sales pages should be kept as simple as possible. The information should be easy and enjoyable to read, not overwhelming. Keep the design simple and straightforward. Use white space to separate the design elements (images and text).

In Conclusion

High-converting sales pages have less to do with design and more to do with CONTENT. While yes, you want your website design to be eye-catching and easy to navigate, it’s the content that convince people to buy.

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