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How to Write Great Website Copy

by | Web Design, Website Copywriting

Having an eye-catching website design is important, but it’s the website content that has the power to convert visitors into customers.

And yet, this is usually the biggest weakness I see on sites that are not generating leads or making sales.

It’s time to get CLEAR and CONCISE about your website copy in order to stand out from the crowd, leave an unforgettable impression, and grow your business.

How do you write great website copy?

Here are the guidelines I use when creating high-converting websites for my clients.

Give them the good stuff first

Get to the point. Get your most important information right at the top of your copy. Give them the good stuff straight away. You have an average of 3 seconds to captivate a website visitor’s interest so put your best stuff up top.

Be clear and specific

If your website is confusing, poorly organized, or has too much jargon, then your readers are NOT going to understand what you do and how you can help then.

If they’re confused, they’re going to go somewhere else.

Don’t be vague. Avoid generalities. Paint vivid pictures by using detail and specifics. Short and simple beats clever and creative every time. Keep it conversational. Show some personality. Remove jargon and buzzwords. Use the word “you” a lot.

Always write for your target customer. Get specific about their struggles, what their exact needs are, and their top pain points. Once you know this, you’ll be able to write copy that speaks to them directly.

Ask questions and solve problems

Ask questions in your copy. This forces people to answer them in their heads which increases engagement and will make it more likely for them to continue reading.

Chances are that whoever came to your website has a problem they are trying to solve. They are looking for the solution, but they aren’t focused on the features and tech you’ll use to solve the problem. They’re focused on how their life will be easier once you solve their problem.

Write about benefits – not features

It’s not the physical product your customer wants, but what their life will BE like with that product. Talk less about what you do and more about how your customers will benefit from working with you.

Read: I go into more depth on benefits vs features in this blog post.

Clear next steps

Don’t let your visitors get to the bottom of your website and get stuck, or worse yet, leave! Every single page needs a purpose. What action do you want your users to take? Do you want them to fill out an inquiry form? Book a discovery call? Sign up for your email newsletter? End your page with the clear next steps your visitor should take.

The Bottom Line

Rewrite your copy to lead with benefits FIRST. What REALLY matters to them? The latest tech gadget or getting the job done with less stress and on-budget?

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