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Tips For Providing Your Designer With Helpful Feedback

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Picture this…you’ve found the PERFECT designer for your project and you have your first design draft in your hands (or more likely, on the computer in front of you).

Overall you like the design but there’s something you just can’t put your finger on and don’t know how to communicate that to your designer.

I hear ya.

It can be hard to get used to the design jargon when you’re not a designer.

But don’t worry – you don’t need to break out a dictionary to provide your designer with specific and detailed feedback.

But first, why is feedback so important? 

Colorado website designer Chaucee Stillman

Clear and specific feedback is good for you, your project, and your designer.

No one is a mind reader and detailed feedback cuts down on the endless back and forth emails. It’s important to be able to express your expectations and desires to your designer so that they can create the website of your dreams.

So if you’re in the middle of a re-design or about to embark on a new design project, keep these tips handy when it’s time to provide concise, meaningful, and effective feedback for your website designer.

Ask your web designer how they want feedback

Most designers have a preferred way to receive feedback – whether that’s a form they provide, over the phone or a recorded video. If your designer doesn’t communicate the method of how they want you to send feedback, ask!

Be specific

You’re not going to hurt their feelings – they want to deliver what you want. Get into the nitty-gritty – talk about font choices, colors, how the content is laid out, animations, transitions, call to actions, etc. If you don’t understand why they designed things the way they did, ask questions. Chances are there’s a good reason.

Be Organized

Use bullet points! Writing your run-on thoughts only makes sense to you. Make sure your feedback makes grammatical sense and is well organized. Go page by page, top to bottom.


Don’t be the mom who only uses Siri to write messages and then ever re-read before sending (ahem, hi mom).

Once you’re done writing out your feedback read it all over once. Edit your comments for clarity and brevity. 

The Bottom Line

Being able to communicate clearly and concisely with your web designer with ensure that your website redesign go smoothly and you’ll get the website of your dreams. 

And remember, when it doubt: ask. 

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