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The 8 Essentials Of A High-Converting Website

by | Featured, Website Strategy

High-converting websites are websites that are great at getting people to take ACTION on your website – like booking a call or submitting an inquiry. Websites that convert have 8 things in common and in today’s post I’ll detail each one so you can be on your way to building a website that converts again and again.


Every page on your website needs a purpose and a call to action. Visitors should always know where to go next. For example, your homepage should point toward your sales page, your about page should point toward your sales page, and your sales page should point to your main call to action (like booking a discovery call or submitting an inquiry).

Clutter-Free Design

Great design directs, not distracts. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see on the internet today – overdesigned websites that are more distracting than informative.

Ease of Use

Your website should make sense. It should be easy to navigate, and visitors should be able to find the information they need in just a few clicks.

Website Speed

A slow website is a frustrating website, and that’s the last thing we want potential clients to feel when coming to your website!

Copywriting That Converts

What is the difference between copywriting and conversion copywriting? Conversion copywriting is copy that is focused on one purpose. It addresses a problem and offers a solution. It is concise and to the point. It hits on pain points and guides you to the solution. It’s customer-centric rather than company-centric. Want to learn more? Check out these resources:

Professional & Branded Photos

When you’re investing in redesigning your website, you’ll need new photos to go along with your updated design. Check these out: Where to source free photos for your website, what branded photos you’ll need for your site.

Marketing Your Website

Having a great website is the first step, and then marketing that website is the next step. Creating great content and then maximizing that content is a great way to get potential clients on your website. Read this: How to leverage your website to find more clients.

Mobile-Optimized Design

Mobile-responsive web design is an absolute must in today’s world. It’s a worldwide web standard, and having a website that is not mobile-friendly is hurting your leads. You don’t want to alienate potential customers or clients with a website that doesn’t work properly across all browsers and devices. You want to take away every hurdle there is to capture their interest and business, so having a fully functional website that is mobile responsive is imperative.

Final Thoughts

Having a high-converting website for your business is an absolute MUST if you want to attract more customers outside of word of mouth. It’s a blend of both art and science, which is where I come in! I help my clients build a website that consistently converts visitors into prospects again and again. Are you ready for a high-converting website for your business? Reach out today to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

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