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The Benefits of Working With a Remote Web Designer

by | Web Design

When it comes to choosing the perfect web designer for your project, one that GETS your vision and is enthused about your business, it’s important to have a connection and great communication.

So what if you’ve found a web designer who lives in another state and its not possible to meet in person? How will this affect the design process?

Working remotely does not equal a lack of connection or understanding. Those are fundamentals in any good working relationship whether they’re conducted face to face or online. In more ways than one, working with a remote web designer can actually streamline the web design process and make the experience less stressful and lengthy!

Here’s how.

Saves time

Have you ever left a meeting and thought – that could have been accomplished over the phone…and maybe even faster? Since working remotely I’ve found that I’m able to get more done since meetings are scheduled when it’s best for both client and my workflow.

Meetings, in general, take less time because there is less of a physical demand of driving to a location, ordering a coffee, and waiting for the other person to show up.

Communication is about the person – not the face

A common misconception when conducting business online is that you’ll feel disconnected or unsure about what’s going on with the project. And that’s totally valid. It can happen depending on who you’re working with! However, working with someone who is a good communicator, who understands your needs and goals, and connects with you in a way that feels natural will happen online or offline regardless.

Giving feedback is easier

When it comes time to feedback, the most important part is communicating the exact changes you want and making sure your designer gets them down correctly. Quite often there’s a lot of back and forth that goes on during feedback rounds, but I’ve found a way to cut down on the confusing back and forth.

I love using Loom videos to get feedback from clients. My clients record a quick video going through the changes that they want and then I have a recording of their exact requests so I can make sure to get everything right, down to the last detail.

This cuts down on the back and forth revisions and ultimately launches each website on time or faster.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a web designer who works remotely streamlines the web design process and get you the result you’re looking for.

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