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Grow Therapy is a speech, physical, and occupational therapy practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Andrea Sims, the owner, needed a website that she could point clients towards to access free resources, get information about the services her company offered, and even apply for employment to be a part of her growing team.

Andrea needed a website that demonstrated their knowledge and expertise, positions them as the premier choice for therapy services in the NV area, and one that is easy to navigate and access for current and potential clients.


Website Design
Website Development
Website Copywriting
Website Content Development
SEO Setup
Google Analytics Config
Website Training


Speech Thearpy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

I had a wonderful experience working with Westco Digital!

Chaucee has excellent communication and a very organized system that makes the whole process a breeze.

She did a great job reflecting my personality and style in the website design while making it easy to navigate and professional looking.

I was originally hesitant to invest money in my website, but it was worth every penny! I have had way more visits to my site and have received multiple job applications for open therapy positions in a city where hiring therapists is extremely difficult.

I feel more confident about my business now that I have a website that reflects my personality, values, and mission.

Thank you so much Chaucee for helping me take my business to the next level with a professional website!

Andrea Sims, Owern

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