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Podcast Interview: On Shame, Self-Trust & Mindset

by | Entrepreneurship

I’m on a podcast! And I’m kinda freaking out. 🎙
I am BEYOND stoked to share it with you.
Because in the episode I pretty much don’t hold back…
I talk about self-trust, shame, religious programming and how that’s affected me as a biz owner, my biggest struggles in business, and the mindset shift I’ve cultivated that allows me to have a lot less anxiety and pressure around my business.
There are SO many good nuggets in there.
I hope you find encouragement and feel seen because being a solo entrepreneur is HARD YOU GUYS. And you’re not alone.
Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts! What stood out to you the most? Tell me the comments!

Thoughts? Share ’em!


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