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My Intentions For 2021

by | Entrepreneurship

I usually don’t set new years resolutions. The beginning of the year never quite feels like a new beginning to me. I get those vibes more around autumn when nature is literally dying in order for change to come. Nature is so dramatic I love it.

The change in rhytmn and routine this year brought has truly underscored and highlighted what matters most to me in life.

And as 2020 came to a close, reflecting and setting intentions for 2021 came naturally. I think it’s all the time I’ve had been forced to sit with myself this year. Ya girl has done some inner WERK.

So with that said, I’m sharing the intentions I’m bringing with me into 2021 and practical examples of what they could look like when lived out. I’m all about those action steps!

At the end of this post, I also share the words I’m considering for my 2021 word of the year.


The uncertainty and trauma of the past year took a toll on my mental health and coping mechanisms. So this year I want to foster feeling good physically because I want to be able to do the things that I love to do with more ease – like playing with my nephews and niece, skiing, hiking, and working on my home and property.

This can look like: Eating intuitively, making sure I’m caring for my body by prioritizing daily vegetables and water, not over-restricting, daily dog walks, actually using the exercise bike I bought in quarantine (!! *face palm*), learning and practicing breathwork, going to bed at a consistent time and getting enough sleep each night, and stretching.


I have a morning routine that I love and am consistent with so I would like to bring that sense of rhythm to the rest of my day too. The goal here is to bring the sense of calm and steadiness that routines give me. I want to make sure I’m taking a break during the day and not overbooking or overworking myself. Because when I make feeling good a top priority then I take positive action.

This can look like: taking a lunch break every single day, HARD. STOP. Putting this on my schedule as a non-negotiable. Enacting my post-work routine (I have brainstormed on this and created a flexible structure based on what kind of evening I want to have).

Read More

This past year wasn’t a great reading year or a bad reading year, but next year I’d like to make reading a higher priority and spend more time doing it. Reading calms me, teaches me, and rejuvenates me.

This can look like:
Going back to an earlier wake-up time so I have more time in the morning for reading. Also ditching Netflix as the default and have nights set aside for reading. I’d like to get back into sharing recent reads more regularly on my bookstagram account (@wilderbookclub). I really enjoy connecting with fellow bookworms!

Inner Work

This past year has taught me a LOT about myself. I learned a lot about my needs, what my boundaries are, and what I believe in. I want to continue this inner work of learning about myself, honoring my needs, and respecting my boundaries.

This can look like: Continuing to listen to my inner voice with curiosity, not judgment. Doing introspective work through journaling and therapy. Continue reframing that my needs and boundaries are positive things, and not a weakness.


This year I want to explore more of my relationship to spirituality. I grew up in a religious and conservative community that turned me off to traditional religion which alienated me a long time ago. This past year has brought up a lot of spiritual experiences and I want to explore that part of me again.

This can look like: Exploring the thoughts of spiritual writers and thinkers. Read critically and throw out what does not align. The truth is inside me.


With the extra time spent at home this year I’ve picked up some new hobbies – like learning how to draw, baking a damn good loaf of bread (something I’ve always wanted to learn), and picking back up the guitar again.

I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure out of developing new hobbies and I want to continue to explore my creativity, wherever that leads, purely for the sake of the joy and pleasure it brings.

This can look like: learning to crochet, finishing the blanket I’ve been knitting for 3 years, continuing to explore painting and drawing, designing my own affirmation card deck, try new recipes on the regular, bake more fun things, and get better at doing my own nails (I’ve really mastered the at-home manicure and am excited to try at home gel manicures!


This year I would like to hit my income goal and transition into working on more projects that feel in alignment. I’m really passionate about mental health and therapy so I’d love to do more projects inside the wellness industry!

This can look like:

  • Continuing to market my business in ways that feel in alignment,
  • Listening to my inner voice and guidance.
  • Doing the work to BELIEVE in myself.
  • Trusting myself to make the right decisions.

Word of the Year Possibilities

I really love the idea of selecting a word for the new year and there are several that feel in alignment with where I’m at currently and what my intentions are for 2021. Here are a few I’ve been considering:

  • Ease
  • Intuition
  • Trust
  • Enough
  • Build
  • Growth
  • Connection

In Conclusion…

2020 is the year that felt like it would never end, but we’ve made it. What are your intentions for the new year? After you’ve had a chance to read through this post, what’s coming up for you?

Wishing you all the best,


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