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It’s Time To Stop Using Business Jargon On Your Website

by | Website Strategy

Hey friend. It’s time to take the business jargon off of your website.

And by business jargon, I mean words and phrases like “customer-centric, delivering ROI, drill-down, organic growth” and more.

Why? Because those phrases are actually hindering your visitors from understanding what you do and who you help.

And also, people don’t really talk like that in person 😂

When you overly-complicate explaining what you do by adding unnecessary business jargon, it slows down people’s ability to quickly comprehend what you’re saying.

They’ll probably end up scratching their head thinking, “what exactly is a customer-centric e-commerce solution?”

When really what your business does is “we help you sell your products with ease”.

See how much easier that is to understand when words are written like how actual humans speak them? Your website copy is no different!

Today’s ⚡️Take Action Tip⚡️is to print out your website’s homepage and sales page and circle all the words that could be considered business jargon or industry insider language.

Now, rewrite these phrases like how you’d explain them to your neighbor.

“I get more people to open and read your emails.”

“I help you feel confident, not fearful, of food.”

“I help you record a catchy track that will stick in people’s minds.”

“I streamline your systems to help you get back more time while increasing profit.”

Need help with re-writing? Contact me and I’ll respond with suggestions!

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