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How Website Testimonials Increase Conversions

by | Web Design, Website Strategy

It goes without saying … word of mouth marketing goes a long way.

As consumers, we don’t want to make a bad purchase. As business owners, we don’t want to make a bad investment.

So doing our research, reading reviews, and reading testimonials is a way to make sure you’re making a good decision.

That’s why including testimonials on your website is a great way to increase conversions.

Sharing testimonials on your website…

✅ gives you credibility

✅ shows that other people have hired you and been happy with the results

✅ and it shows that you’re trustworthy with the investment required to work with you.

Builds Trust

There comes a point in every business when you need to make the transition from relying on personal referrals to get new clients, to going outside your network to regularly generate quality leads and book new projects.

Having a website that is professional and speaks the language of your ideal client is essential for looking your best to prospective clients. Having testimonials on your website shows the kind of results you’ve gotten for your clients. Chances are, your website visitors landed on your website because they want those results for their business too! Sharing a testimonial that speaks to the quality and level of work you do helps build trust which is the first step in someone wanting to hire you.

Gives You Credibility

Client testimonials, at its basic level, shows that other people have hired you and been happy with the results. Showing that other people have achieved the results they want by working with you, is a SUPER effective way to communicate you know what you’re doing and business owners trust you.

Shows That You’re Worth The Investment

As a service-based business owner, I bet you spend a good amount of time talking about the value you provide. How working with you will save your clients headaches, time, and money.  When you share previous client testimonials, this shows that other business owners paid for your services and didn’t regret it. We’ve all been there, made a bad investment or buy for our business and have experienced the shame that comes with that. Showing that people who work with you feel comfortable paying for your services and actually think it was a GREAT investment for their business, shows that hiring you is a low risk, high-reward scenario.

Tell me, do you read reviews online? Do they sway your decision making at all? Tell me in the comments below!

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