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How To Use Your Website To Streamline Your Client Intake Process

by | Web Design, Website Strategy

I work with a lot of solopreneurs who are wearing a lot of hats in their business.

That means that time is of the essence and streamlining is essential!

Most biz owners are unaware of how their websites could actually be making their life easier and efficient, by using their website to help streamline their client intake process.

This is how things usually go

Tell me if this resonates with you. You have a website with a contact form, and your main way of getting new leads is waiting for someone to fill out the contact form that then comes to your inbox. Once it hits your inbox you start the email dance of “does this time work for you?” when trying to schedule a consult call.

You’re trying to keep everything organized, and maybe even set up some folders in Gmail to try and stay on top of it, but eventually, things get busy again and you forget to follow up, or can’t even find the email in the first place because you forgot the person’s name.

Sound familiar?

That’s because it’s often the way most businesses have their websites set up!

But the thing is…that method doesn’t sync with how they handle client relationships or information, and things start to fall between the cracks.

I’m here to say, there’s another way! A way where your website is actually working WITH you in finding new clients and booking sales calls with them.

Here’s how you can do it.

Integrate Your CRM With Your Website

If you’re a service-based business owner who’s been in business for a few years, then you’ll know what I mean by CRM. CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. A CRM software is how you handle your client communication, project management, and admin stuff like invoices and contracts.

What do I mean by integrating your CRM with your website?

Most CRM platforms have the option to create lead capture forms. It’s basically a contact form that you create and style on your CRM platform, then copy the HTML code, and embed it into your website.

That way when someone fills out your lead capture form their information and inquiry will be automatically entered into your CRM platform so you don’t have to go in, create a job, create a new client, and manually add in their information.

Not sure what CRM you should use? Here’s a list of my favorite business tools that I use.

Offer A Free Call

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with someone but you had to fill out a super long contact form that you didn’t have time for? This is one of the biggest mistakes I see on websites today!

Now before we go further, I want to say that I’m not anti-contact form. In fact, I think most websites need at least one on their website! But when you’re goal is to increase leads and book more sales calls, then promoting your contact form as the best way to get in touch with you isn’t the most effective way to talk with new clients.

If you’re a service-based business owner, incorporating a free get-to-know-you call into your lead generation strategy will help increase your inquiries.

When I made this shift in my business 8 months ago, inquiries EXPLODED. Before I used to have a contact form that asked questions like “what does your dream website look like” or “what are you looking for in a new website design?” Now these are all questions we go over on our call instead!

Because I made it easier to get in touch with me (now it’s just click of a button!) I’ve seen a significant increase in inquiries from where it once was.

These are the types of strategies I use with my clients.

After all, you know my moto – I believe your website should be working JUST as hard as you are to grow your business.

Are you curious about how we could get these kinds of results for your business?

Every week I set aside time to talk to entrepreneurs like you about how their website COULD be working hard for them 24/7 to attract their ideal clients and help them book more projects. Book yours today!

Curious about what a high-converting website could
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