4 Ways To Shift Mindset Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

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If you had told me back in 2016 that shifting my mindset beliefs was going to be THE biggest factor in creating the lifestyle and business I desired, I would have laughed at you.

I’ve never really been a huge “woo-woo” person. I consider myself a realist who is also open to new ways of looking at things. When I started learning about mindset, brain patterns and neuro pathways, and how shifting underlying and subconscious beliefs can have a HUGE impact on how I experience my business and my ability to create the results I needed, I would have once again thrown my head back in laughter and thought “yeah right”.

Since then, you can consider me a changed woman.

In this post, I’ll share strategies you can use to shift the mindset beliefs that are holding you back in your business from generating more visibility and landing more clients.

First, identify the beliefs you want to change

Then write the exact opposite of them. These are your new affirmations. So for example:

“Marketing my services on social media consistently makes me look salesy.”


“My ideal clients are attracted to my message and marketing consistently makes it easier for them to find me.”

Daily Repetition

Once you have your new beliefs identified, it’s time to put in the work. Write down and say these affirmations out loud every single day. I have a notebook dedicated to just mindset work, so when I need an encouragement booster I’ll for that notebook and page through it. Also, YAY a new reason for getting another journal! *happy dance*.

If journaling feelings like too much of a stretch right now, then I suggest downloading an app like ThinkUp. It’s an app where you record your affirmations in your own voice (and have them playback on a loop set over a pretty musical track). This is important because your brain trusts your own voice the most. It’s the most familiar voice that you hear, day in and day out, which will help in cementing these new beliefs. You can browse their library of affirmations or create your own.

Look for the evidence

Our brain believes what is most familiar. That’s why it can feel so hard to change long-held beliefs, and it doesn’t happen overnight! However, it IS 1000% possible.

Our mind is constantly looking for things to reinforce the beliefs it already believes to be true. It’s actually a survival mechanism that allowed our ancestors to find shelter, safety, and food and to stay away from danger and threats.

So in order to begin to shift our beliefs, we have to look for the evidence that shows things ARE working out for your good. That your ideal clients ARE attracted to your message and resonate with what you offer.

There are some great books out there that go deeper into the whole neuroscience behind this and I recommend you check them out (start with this one).

Allow space for things to turn out differently than you expect

My therapist taught me this trick! I was struggling with the constant negative loop and worry about the future and she encouraged me to leave space for the chance that things might actually turn out differently than I expect them to. I mean, I’m not a wizard, are you? We can’t 100% accurately predict the future. And constantly worrying or trying to predict the future takes away our valuable resources and energy that could be used to live in the present.

Things may very well turn out as you expect them to, but they also could totally not. Leaving space for that to happen opens the door to writing a new script.

Take Action

Write down the three biggest beliefs you currently hold that you want to shift. Hint: they are the constant thoughts you have on loop, replaying over and over again. Then write the exact opposite of those beliefs and begin to affirm them every single day. The only way you’ll never get new results is by never trying something different.

Tell me in the comments, what beliefs are you working on shifting? Need some help with what to write? Pop your current beliefs in the comments below and I’ll drop in some added perspective to help you shift them.


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