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How To Find The Perfect Web Designer For You

by | Web Design

You’ve decided it’s time to re-design your website, or even launch your very first one, but now you have to tackle the crucial task of finding the perfect web design for your project. Where do you even begin?

Finding the right web designer for your project can feel like a lot to tackle! There are a lot of talented designers out there and it can be tough to narrow it down and find who is going to understand your vision, help you reach your goals, and design a killer website for your business.

In this post, I’ll be sharing seven essential questions to ask when evaluating web designers for your project so you discover the right designer for your project who not only can bring your vision to life, but also aligns with your communication style, design aesthetic, and work preferences.

How to find the best web designer for your project

Identifying the Perfect Web Designer for Your Project: 7 Indicators You’ve Made the Right Choice

To lay the foundation for harmonious collaboration, consider the following questions when evaluating web designers for your project.

Is their process clearly laid out?

  • Is their workflow well-defined and transparent?
  • Can they explain their design and development process and guide you through their workflow?
  • Do you feel like you understand what’s going to happen and when?

Do they ask the right questions?

A consult with a web designer should feel like you’re getting to know one another, both personally and professionally.

  • Are they asking questions that get to the heart of what you’re here for?
  • Are they asking insightful questions that delve into the core of your objectives?
  • Do you feel understood or are you having to over-explain your project?

Do they understand your vision?

  • Can they articulate your goals and vision for the website?
  • Do they demonstrate a genuine grasp of your vision and objectives?
  • Do they just GET it?

Are they excited about your project?

Enthusiasm is a catalyst for creativity, dedication, and valuable insights. You want to work with someone who is just as stoked about this website re-design as you are.

  • Do they seem genuinely excited to dive in?
  • Are they already coming up with great ideas and expounding upon your vision?

Can you communicate clearly with them?

  • Do you feel like they understand what you’re saying and vice versa?
  • Is it easy to share your ideas?
  • Do you feel understood?

Do you like their previous work?

  • Do you like their portfolio and design style?
  • Do you trust their design instincts based on their previous work?
  • Do you see the type of website you need in their portfolio?

Do they design or develop? Or both?

A web designer is a designer who specializes in visual designing for the web. They often design mockups in Photoshop and can deliver a website design as an image file (essentially a screenshot of the design that still needs to be coded and brought to life on the internet).

A developer is a coder who can bring visual designs to functionality. Developers have the skill set to code designs into existence. They can take a visual design and turn it into a fully functional and clickable website live on the internet.

A web designer and developer is someone who can do both – design the website AND build it. (hello! that’s-a-me)

But since there’s a difference between these skill sets, it’s important to get clarity on what your designer can do.

  • Will they be able to design your website and build it?
  • Will they help you find a developer if need be?

The Bottom Line Is: Trust Your Gut

Asking pertinent questions, doing your research, and ultimately trusting your instincts will help you find the perfect web designer for your project. By focusing on effective communication, shared vision, and a compatible working style, you’re well on your way to having a website that not only meets your goals but exceeds expectations.

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