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How To Find The Perfect Web Designer For You

by | Web Design

So you’ve decided it’s time for a website re-design and now you have to find a web designer. Where do you begin?

Finding the best web designer for your project can feel like a lot to tackle.! There are a lot of great web designers out there, and it can be tough to narrow it down and know who is going to understand your vision, help you reach your goals, and design a killer website for your business.

However, when you’re investing in custom website design, it’s essential to make sure the designer you work with fits your communication style, design aesthetic, and work style.

When evaluating web designers and developers for your project, keep these questions in mind while reading through their services or while you’re talking on a consult call.

Being clear about what you want and what you expect leads to work relationships built on excellent communication, which is essential for any successful project!

Is their process clearly laid out?

Do you feel like you understand what’s going to happen when? Are they able to walk you through their process and what that will look like?

Do they ask the right questions?

A consult with a web designer should feel like you’re getting to know one another, both personally and professionally. Are they asking questions that get to the heart of what you’re here for?

Do they understand your vision?

Are they able to articulate back to you your goals and vision for this new website? Do they just seem to GET it?

Are they excited about your project?

Enthusiasm leads to creativity, hard work, and insight. You want to work with someone who is just as stoked on this website re-design as you are.

Can you communicate clearly with them?

Do you feel like they understand what you’re saying and vice versa? Is it easy to share your ideas? Do you feel understood?

Do you like their portfolio and style of work? Do you trust their design instincts?

Check out their social media to get a feel for their vibe, and ask to see previous websites they’ve built (if they aren’t listed on their website currently).

Do they only design, or can they build the website too?

A lot of people get confused here. A web designer JUST designs the look of the website, usually as a mockup in Photoshop. A web developer codes the design into existence. They take the website mockup from a designer and make it into a real live website. However, there ARE people who do both web design and developing (hello! that’s-a-me). Just make sure to be clear: are they just going to design it, and you’ll have to find a developer to build it, or can they do both?

The Bottom Line is …trust your gut.

Talk to a few web designers so you get a feel of what to expect, what questions to ask, and more clarity on who you want to work with.


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