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Common DIY Website Mistakes To Avoid

by | Featured, Website Copywriting, Website Strategy

You might think that because I’m a web designer that I’m not a fan of DIY websites. That’s actually not the case!

When it comes to building your business, I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Depending on where you are at on your entrepreneurial journey (and the type of results you need to see from your website) determines whether or not to go the DIY route when creating a website for your business.

Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t have the money to invest in a high-converting website design and just need to get something up and online FAST. DIYing your website is a great solution that many business owners start out with!

So if you feel like going the DIY website route is the way to go for you right now, then keep this post handy because in it I’m sharing the most common mistakes I see with DIY websites and how to avoid them.

Spending more time on color palettes than content

Having a beautiful design that attracts your ideal clients is definitely important when it comes to websites that consistently convert, however, DIY websites tend to focus more on aesthetics than the actual content and copy for your website (which is where the conversions happen!).

And that’s because DIY website templates are a one-sized solution. They are built that way because they’re meant to be used by a variety of entrepreneurs and businesses which is why they’re less expensive because it’s not a custom solution or tailored to YOUR business. It’s mean to fit many.

Instead, make sure you take the time to map out your website content. Identify the results you want your website to generate for your business, nail down your main call to action, and make sure that every page has a purpose (and you tailor that page content to that).

Too many different calls to action

Another mistake I see often on DIY websites is that there are too many calls to action on them, which stems from not getting super clear on the actions you want people to take on your website.

When a website has too many calls to action it’s easy for a website visitor to become overwhelmed and not know which step they should take. And wherever there is confusion there is indecision, which leads to inaction.

Instead, decide on one main call to action that you’ll use throughout your website.

Too much business jargon

When you are writing your website copy, use the words that your clients would type into google to search for a business like yours. Your client is likely looking for you because this is not their area of expertise. So if you overcomplicate your website with industry jargon it can confuse your audience, and where isn’t clarity, there’s likely inaction. Write your website copy as you would if you were answering your Aunt who asks you for the millionth time what is that you do again?

For example, saying you’re a digital media strategist is a bit vague. And most people who are going to hire you are not experts in your field,so they wouldn’t even KNOW to search for those words on google. They’ll probably search for “social media manager” instead.

Vauge menu links

Have you ever been to a website that is hard to navigate? That can be soooo frustrating! All I want to find is the About page and for some reason, it’s called “Our Intentions” or something vague like that. Never sacrifice clarity for being clever.

Take Action

DIYing your website doesn’t HAVE to mean sacrificing clarity, uniqueness, and conversions. If you start with a plan and have an overall goal for your website (like generating more leads) then you’ll be better off than before.

Not sure where to start? Grab my free Website Strategy Workbook which will help walk you through planning your next website!

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