The personalized support to help you create the results you need in your business – like more clients and consistent income.

Attracting new clients and generating leads doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth.

I believe that when you market your services and business on social media in a way that feels good to YOU, then THAT’S when you’ll start seeing the results you want – increased visibility and more quality leads.

And I’m here to help you do just that!

Through my 1:1 Coaching For Creatives program, you get the personalized support you’ve been looking for to help create a business you love and a marketing plan that feels GOOD while also delivering the real results you desire – more clients, and a schedule filled with work you love.

My goal for you is that…

Through our work together you’ll gain the clarity and insight you need in order to get to the heart of what’s holding you back from consistently marketing your services, landing more clients, and converting sales calls. Then you’ll be able to charge what you’re worth, attract more aligned clients and create consistent income.

My aim for our work together is to be the tipping point in your business.

The tipping point to booking out your waitlist, promoting your offers with ease, and gaining the self-trust and belief in your ability to generate the real-world results you need!

Through our work together you’ll see results like…

consistently creating the results you need from your marketing – more aligned clients and more qualified leads

no longer dreading sales calls and converting them with ease

quoting what you’re worth and landing more projects

stop worrying about where your next client is coming from because you have a wailist of dreamy projects

How do I know this is possible for you?

Because I’ve been where you are and I’m passionate about helping you achieve similar results.

Hi, I’m Chaucee, a Web Designer and  Marketing Strategist living in the mountains of Colorado.

A few years ago I was…

 Dreading Discovery Calls because I placed so much meaning and weight on them. If they didn’t convert it meant something was “wrong” with me.

Feeling so much anxiety around each sales call, each proposal, and each marketing post, hoping that THIS will be the key to creating consistent income.

Struggling to figure out what steps I needed to take to gain more visibility and clients in my business.

Not marketing my services consistently because it felt uncomfortable and “salesy” which (no surprise here) resulted in a lack of sales.

 Feeling like I couldn’t charge my worth because no one would ever pay me X amount!

 And tired of battling the constant negative loop in my head that was holding me back from actually ENJOYING my business and generating the results I needed – more visibility and more leads.

Can you relate?

I don’t know about you, but that wasn’t a really fun way to operate my business. And it certainly wasn’t sustainable!

Since then, I’ve learned how to shift these struggles in my business and I’m here to help you do the same!

Everyone has their own journey as an entrepreneur, but you can probably relate to the struggles that come with building

your business and feeling frustrated with the lack of inquiries and clients.

I’m here to help you with just that so that you can market your business with alignment and ease

while still getting the results you need (more inquiries and more clients)!

tell me if this sounds like you…

You launched your business because you love what you do and could talk about it all day, but when it comes to marketing and posting on social media, the panic sweats start.

Here are the most common struggles I hear from entrepreneurs around their marketing. Can you relate?

I’m not seeing any results

What you are posting on social media isn’t generating the results you need – like more inquiries and more clients. So it feels like a waste of time and just not worth the effort.

I’m worried about coming across as “salesy”

You are worried about coming across as “salesy” or sounding like a broken record so you don’t consistently promote your services or direct people to your website.

It needs to look a certain way

“Post more reels!” they say “slide into those DMs” they say! It seems like everyone is telling you to fit inside this one-size-fits-all marketing box that just doesn’t feel good to how YOU like to show up online.

My goal is to help you shift this so that you can create and take action on a marketing plan that feels good to you so that you show up consistently in order to create real results.

There are always going to be a million new marketing strategies to try.

And maybe you’ve even tried them all and STILL aren’t seeing the results you need.

What I’ve seen to be true (in my own business and with my clients) is that when you do the work to get to the HEART of what’s holding you back in your marketing, that’s when you’re able to create a marketing plan that feels good to you so that you can consistently create the results you need.

I mean, really think about it…you could try new marketing strategies every single month, but if you aren’t doing the mindset work that allows you to shift your beliefs around marketing so that you’re able to show up consistently and authentically, then the results won’t come.

Mindset shifts like going from “I’m annoying people by promoting my services and business on social media” to “I offer genuine help to my ideal clients and I show up consistently so that they can find and access that help.”

Or “I have to make sure it’s PERFECT before posting” to “I believe it’s okay to show up flawed and human. I do the best I can and let the universe meet me halfway.”

To increase your visibility and attract more clients you DON’T need the perfect photo, the perfect caption, or the latest hashtag strategy. While those things are part of the puzzle, I believe the biggest thing that’s holding you back is the energy and mindset you have around selling your services and marketing your business.

I believe the marketing strategy that actually creates the results you want (more visibility and more inquires) is the one that feels good to YOU, so that you’re able to show up consistently to start generating those results.

My job is to help you gain clarity around what that looks like for you and help craft that plan. I am committed to finding what works for YOU rather than making you follow a specific plan or strategy that doesn’t fit with who you are as a business owner.

Because when it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t feel good, and when it doesn’t feel good, you just won’t do it!

During our work together we’ll do a deep dive into:

Your Mindset. What’s holding you back from generating leads and singing more clients and clear actions you can take to start generating the results you need – more sales and more income!

Your Offers. We’ll look at your current offers and identify what’s working and what’s not. From there we can shift what’s needed so that your offers are irresistible to your ideal clients, making it easier to attract more inquiries than ever before.

Your Systems. We’ll look at your current systems in place to see if they are helping you show up and do your best work while running a business that is organized and profitable.

Your Marketing. Together we’ll gain clarity on what’s working and what’s not, and we’ll develop a marketing plan that works with your schedule and how you like to show up while still generating the results you need – more reach and more warm leads.

How To Generate More Leads. Together we’ll develop a lead generation strategy that helps you find new clients in a way that feels sincere and sustainable for you so that you can stop worrying about where your next client is coming from.

Through our work together you’ll have…

Clarity around your offers and how to talk about them so that you can market your services confidently and consistently to land more clients.

A marketing plan that feels aligned and sustainable. Together we’ll identify the ways that you can show up consistently with your marketing in a way that feels aligned with whom you are as a business owner while also still generating the results you need – more leads and more clients.

The mindset you need to start believing in your power and abilities to create the business and life you desire. I know in my heart of hearts you’re made for something big and you’re on your way to it. But I also believe that we go faster, farther, together!

I would love to support you in this work!

It’s important to me to work with clients I align with (because that’s when we get the juiciest results!) so let’s hop on a Clarity Call to see if we’d be a good fit to work together!

What’s Included In 1:1 Coaching?

3 months of one-on-one coaching

Kickoff Strategy Workbook that will lay the foundation for our work together.

6 (60-minute), one-on-one video coaching calls over Zoom (twice monthly, every other week). On our coaching calls, we’ll work through mindset challenges and the actions you can take to work through what’s holding you back from gaining the visibility you need to attract more clients and generate more inquiries.

Personalized homework assignments for you to work on in-between our calls so that you know exactly which actions you need to take and which mindset hurdles to work on in order to move your business forward.

Total access to me in-between calls via Basecamp so that you can ask me questions as things come up, send content my way to review, and offer you the support you need when anything arises (and trust me, when doing this type of work there always does!).

Investment of $1,947 (paid in full)

or 3 monthly payments of $659

This is for you if…

You feel uncomfortable posting to social media and marketing your services, and you know that visibility is something you struggle with.

You feel overwhelmed with your to-do list and don’t know which actions to take to land more clients and grow your income.

You’re frustrated with not being able to consistently generate the results you need like more quality inquires and dreamy clients.

You lack the confidence to show up to sales calls and close them with ease.

Book Your Clarity Call

It’s important to me that we’re the right fit to work together (because that’s when we get the BEST results!) and I’d love to connect with you a free Clarity Call to answer any questions and see if this is the right next step for you!