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5 Ways To Boost Your Website’s CX

Your website design could be a stunner, but is it giving your website visitors (aka potential clients) the 5 start treatment? We all know the date that looked promising - they're attractive,...

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How To Choose Your Website Colors

Choosing your website colors is a fun part of the web design process! Colors play a HUGE part in web design and can affect your user's experience, how your content is digested, and even your...

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5 Things Every Great Website Needs

Whether you DIY your website or hire a web designer, every high-converting website has 5 things in common. In this post, I'll share the 5 things that every great website needs in order to be...

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3 Website Copy Mistakes To Avoid

I believe that having a pretty website is nice and all, but it's the content that converts. And by content, I mean website copy! Potential visitors learn about you, your business, and your...

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What To Put In Your Website Footer

The website footer is an often overlooked piece of prime real estate. It's the last thing your website visitors will see when they get to the bottom of a page and it shows up on every single page...

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