Common DIY Website Mistakes To Avoid
You might think that because I'm a web designer that I'm not a fan of DIY websites. That's actually not the case! When it comes to building your...
How To Use Your About Page To Generate More Leads
I've seen a LOT of websites in my time as a high-converting website designer for creative and wellness entrepreneurs. Most people put a lot of focus...
4 Ways To Shift Mindset Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
If you had told me back in 2016 that shifting my mindset beliefs was going to be THE biggest factor in creating the lifestyle and business I...
How Enthusiasm Helps You Attract Clients + Make More Sales
Do you ever feel like you can't be YOU in your business? I used to think that a business owner had to present themselves a certain way to be...
9 Affirmations For The Introverted Entrepreneur
✨What we tell ourselves often, we come to believe.✨ Did you know that our brain filters for repetition and not necessarily what’s true? It’s...
Why You Should Celebrate The Small Wins In Business
Do you not talk about your wins because you’re worried it will make others feel bad? You’re allowed to let others see the good in you. Or maybe it’s...

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