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5 Ways To Boost Your Website’s CX

Your website design could be a stunner, but is it giving your website visitors (aka potential clients) the 5 start treatment? We all know the date that looked promising - they're attractive, pretty on the outside, and charming but when it comes down to it the conversation is awkward, you don't have much in common and they're hard to get to know. Ultimately you'd rather be home watching the new season of British Bakeoff than go on a second date. It's a similar scenario with your website and...

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How To Choose Your Website Colors

Choosing your website colors is a fun part of the web design process! Colors play a HUGE part in web design and can affect your user's experience, how your content is digested, and even your website's bounce rate! In this post, I'm sharing 4 rules of thumb to follow when selecting your website's colors so that your website is enjoyable to look at and effectively communicates and connects with your ideal clients. Start With Your Branding Your website is an extension of your brand so it...

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Why Your Website Needs Terms & Policies

Not having website policies puts you at risk of accruing big fines and violating personal information privacy laws. Yikes, right?! Thankfully, there's an easy way to make sure your website is compliant and up to date so that you're protected protects you from any violations. Disclosure: This blog post contains referral links to a website terms and policy provider that I use personally and with my client's website. I receive a referral commission through purchases made through the links in...

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