9 Affirmations For The Introverted Entrepreneur

by | Mindset

✨What we tell ourselves often, we come to believe.✨

Did you know that our brain filters for repetition and not necessarily what’s true?

It’s actually a safety mechanism. Our bodies and brain seek the familiar because it feels less threatening.

However, we have the ability to re-write those negative thought loops and lay new neural pathways in our brain via positive repetition.

Writing and speaking affirmations over and over again, EVEN if it feels awkward, even if it doesn’t feel true all the time, helps to rewrite our subconscious brain with thoughts that actually HELP us, not hurt us.

Today I want to share with you 9 affirmations that I use in my own business to help me cultivate the mindset I need to show up with ease and enjoyment in order to create the results I need in my own business.

Ps – Here’s the Instagram post with these affirmations in case you want to save it to re-read again and again!

I am open to my business growing in new and unexpected ways.

My mind is open to the idea that my business is growing quickly and easily.

I regularly attract my ideal clients and book projects.

I know that when one door closes, there’s more for me out there. I see setbacks as guidance.

I am a successful entrepreneur.

I am receiving abundance now in expected and unexpected ways.

Being an entrepreneur is my natural path in life.

I have everything I need already inside of me.

My business grows at exactly the right pace.


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