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5 Ways To Boost Your Website’s CX

by | Web Design, Website Strategy

Your website design could be a stunner, but is it giving your website visitors (aka potential clients) the 5 start treatment?

We all know the date that looked promising – they’re attractive, pretty on the outside, and charming but when it comes down to it the conversation is awkward, you don’t have much in common and they’re hard to get to know. Ultimately you’d rather be home watching the new season of British Bakeoff than go on a second date.

It’s a similar scenario with your website and your ideal clients! (Stay with me here…)

With so much market saturation it’s important to give your customers and potential clients a great customer experience on your website. Since your website is essentially your company’s digital headquarters, it is very likely to be the first point of contact, and first chance to make a great impression with potential clients.

We accomplish this with CX.

Customer experience (CX) design is the process design teams follow to optimize customer experiences at all touchpoints before, during and after conversion. (Interaction Design Foundation).

Basically, CX design ensures that your website visitors have an enjoyable and satisfying experience while using your website. In fact, 88% of online customers say they are less like to return to a website after a bad experience (Web FX) which is why considering the CX of your web design is so essential!

But how do we get that done?

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 ways you can improve your website’s CX today!

Fast Page Speeds

Ah, the spinning wheel of death! Did you know that it only takes 6 seconds or less to captivate your website visitor? If your website is slow to load, chances are you’ve already lost ’em! Not many people are going to stick around waiting for a slow website to load. Didn’t we leave that in the 90s with dial-up internet? Making your website loads fast is a top priority when it comes to increasing website conversations. In fact, increasing your page speed can prevent the loss of 7% of potential conversions! (infront webworks).

Clutter-Free Design

I believe that great website design directs not distracts. Ultimately your website design is there to serve potential clients. It introduces them to your brand, directs them to the information they’re looking for, and make it easy to get in touch with you. Over-designed websites can be overly stimulating and ultimately distract from your ultimate goal of generating more leads. Having a beautiful web design is important to compliment your content because 38% of visitors will leave a website if the content or layout is visually unattractive! (Blue Corona)

Easy To Navigate

Trying to navigate a website that has vague menu links or a hard-to-find navigation bar isn’t doing you any favors. Making sure your website is easy to navigate not only increases the time visitors spend on your website but also makes your website more accessible to a wide range of people. The key here is to eliminate frustration and make your website easy to use by helping visitors get to the information they’re looking for in the least amount of clicks.

Easy To Read Fonts

I know it LOOKS pretty but if your Aunt can’t read the font, kick it to the curb. This also applies to font size! When I land on a website that has super small font sizes it instantly gives me a headache because I can anticipate the eye strain from a mile away. It makes it less likely to engage with the content because the decision was between pretty font design and usability and usability lost which sends the message that the website visitor’s experience isn’t valued over the website’s aesthetic.

Clear Next Steps

Your customer shouldn’t be guessing about what to do next. Maybe you’ve gotten them to read through all your content and they’re excited about you and what you do and they’re ready to take the next step. But what could that be? Should they submit a contact form? Schedule a video call with you? Or find your email address and send over an email? Make sure your calls to action are consistent and clear about what the next steps are in your customer’s journey. There should be no guesswork here!

Take Action

Visit your website with fresh eyes, from the perspective of your customer who knows nothing about you or your business. Is it immediately clear what you do? Is it easy to access the info they need in 2 clicks or less? Improving your website’s CX will help increase your conversions which will land you more leads and ultimately more income!

Don’t know where to start? I’m here to help!

Book a free call with me today and let’s talk about hwo your website could be working harder at producing the results you need – like increase reached and more inquiries.

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