3 Ways To Schedule Caring For Your Mental Health

For so long the entrepreneur mindset has overly focused on the hustle. The burning of the candle at both ends. And while there will be seasons in business where time is scarce, life as an entrepreneur doesn’t HAVE to mean being overworked and burnout all the time.

In fact, I believe that when we take care of ourselves and make feeling good a top priority, that directly influences our business. When we are approaching things from a place of wellbeing rather than exhaustion, we make better decisions and attract similar energy and aligned opportunities.

So since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to share with you the 3 ways that I schedule in time to care for my mental health. Like actually block off the time on my calendar and set alerts and everything!⁠

Take lunch break every day.⁠

⁠Taking a lunch break each day allows for your brain to reset and your nervous system to calm. Also, you’re not a machine! This one is first because it’s SO INCREDIBLY important. This used to be incredibly hard for me but now I make lunch a non-negotiable in my schedule. I block it off and everything!⁠

Go for a short walk after work.⁠

⁠Body movement releases pent-up energy. It also helps distinguish between the workday and the evening.⁠

Daily affirmations.⁠

⁠Our brains are SO good at getting fixed on negative thoughts. Making daily affirmations a part of your day can help re-wire those negative thought loops. I like to listen to mine via the ThinkUp app while I’m doing my makeup in the morning.⁠


I think taking care of ourselves is one of the most sacred things we can do. What does taking care of your mental health look like for you?


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