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3 Ways To Attract Your Ideal Client To Your Website

by | Web Design, Website Strategy

What is the point of a website if it’s not attracting your ideal client and filtering through the noise?

If your website isn’t working for you then it’s holding you back.

How do you get more website visitors?

I’m glad you asked! Here are four ways to attract your ideal client to your website.

Solve their problems

A website that is rich with keywords relating to your industry will help you rank higher in search results.

Search engines aim to deliver the most valuable content related to the search entered.

So a great way to get your website in front of your ideal audience is to solve a struggle they are having through a blog post that offers a solution.

Now, don’t go writing about any random ole problem. Make sure it ties back to your product, service, or industry. After all, we don’t want our wheels spinnin for nothin!

Need an idea for what you could write about?

Try typing in “how to…the easy way to…” into a search engine, followed with some keywords from your industry. This will pop up commonly asked questions which means it’s a common problem that your ideal client struggles with.

So for example. If you’re a nutritionist and you could write a blog post solving any of these problems:

Chances are that whoever came to your website has a problem they are trying to solve.

They are looking for the solution, but they aren’t focused on the features and tech you’ll use to solve the problem.

They’re focused on how their life will be easier once you solve their problem.

Ask questions in your copy

What happens when you ask questions in your website copy? It creates engagement.

When a question is posed, people naturally answer it in their heads.

When your website copy is engaging it increases the chances that your reader will keep scrolling and keep reading.

Update your website once a week

Creating consistent content for your website not only gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site, but writing posts that are on-topic for your business or services will help you rank higher when people search those keywords in a search engine. This helps your overall SEO efforts.

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