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10 Journaling Prompts For The End Of The Year

by | Entrepreneurship

This year has been a YEAR.

I think it’s safe to say that no one expected a year like 2020 to happen.

Even though this year was a struggle, it really showed me what my true priorities are, which I’m thankful for.

What has 2020 showed you?

Below are some of the journaling prompts I’ll be working through this week.

I encourage you to select the ones that resonate with you and spend some time with good old fashioned paper and pen to reflect and process.

  1. What is one thing you are proud of about yourself? Professionally or personally, or both!
  2. Did the change of pace and routine in 2020 reveal new priorities or core values to you? How can you incorporate those more in the future?
  3. What is the work that you enjoyed doing the most? How can you incorporate more of that in the future?
  4. What is one routine or habit that you want to build upon in 2021? Why is that important to you?
  5. Write out a list of positive affirmations that you’d like to bring with you into 2021.
  6. What brings you the most energy now? What lights you up? How can you incorporate more of that in the future?
  7. What excites you about the future?
  8. What do you need to extend forgiveness towards? What is holding you back? How can you move forward?
  9. Which areas of your life need stronger boundaries? How can you shift those in the future?
  10. Pick one word for 2021. Why is that significant to you? How can you incorporate more of this in the year to come?

My wish for 2021 is this.

That in 2021 we live life in more alignment, even if it’s just one more day, one more hour.

That we get the support we need, when we need it.

That we care for ourselves as the most benevolent mother would.

That we honor our boundaries and our needs and don’t make ourselves wrong for them.

That we hold space for the complexities of life and being human and extend compassion and grace, even to ourselves.

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